$POV Token

Pepe Original Version: Accept no imitations!
Introducing the $POV token: the meme coin that's so useless, it's actually useful! You heard that right. $POV has no intrinsic value and no real-world application. But that's precisely why it's so great!
We like to keep things simple at Pepe Original Version: no taxes, no BS, just pure memetic power. And that's exactly what you get with $POV.
We sent a whopping 33,8% of the tokens straight to the liquidity pool, ensuring that there's always plenty of liquidity for our meme-loving traders and 59,2% Presale. To ensure the integrity of the LP, we locked the LP tokens and renounced the contract.
As for the remaining 6.9% of the token supply, we're holding it in a secure multi-sig wallet. This is only for future centralized exchange listings, bridges, and liquidity pools, we're not planning on keeping it for ourselves. And to make it easy for you to track, we've given the wallet an ENS name: "pepeoriginalversion.bnb".
So there you have it, folks. No complicated jargon, no hidden agendas, just a straightforward approach to meme coin trading.